Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hidden India : A Preview

India has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity as a tourist destination for travellers all over the world. The beauty of its beaches,the serenity of its hill stations and the mysticism of the east have all contributed to this intrest.

What does a toursit to India see, most travel books,sites and agencies will lead you to the same old names. The Taj Mahal in Delhi, Beaches of Goa, Backwaters of Kerala,Temples of Tamil Nadu, the hill stations of Shimla,Kulu,Darjeeling ........ the list is predictable and long.

Is this all ?, is the question we asked ourselves before we started this attempt. Almost every enthustaist who we checked with had the same answer , an EMPHATIC NO. Every Indian who keeps intrest in travelling around his own country will tell you about places you have either never heard of or have seen passing reference to, in the sea of information you have browsed through.

Come with us , we will take you to the heart of India, where the beauty of the land is untouched by the unrelenting march of modernity. Where the mountains are still tree topped and the beaches are still , to use a much abused term "virgin". India
, the seductress , who will linger in your imagination and thoughts for a long time .......awaits you.

We will through this blog give you a taste of what lies hidden ........

See through our eyes the hidden charms of this ever so seductive country,walk with us on the untrodden paths, loll with us in the soft slanting sunlight playing on mountain slopes. Do what you set out to do, forgetting your troubles and unwinding, a break from the stress you so unwillingly and unknowingly endure .

We will attempt to give you as much information as is possible. How to reach smartly and stay comfortably. When to go and what to expect. Travelogues from those who have been there will help you choose you type of a holiday. Tips from experts who are keen travellers and weather beaten at that.

Finally , all the contributions here are from those who share the enthusiasm to explore this beautiful land, and the urge to take the less travelled road to the corners of this country where pristine beauty lies in wait.